Case Study 1

Case Study 1

The client is a constituent of Nifty Mid Cap 50 and MSCI Global Cap Index and is amongst India’s leading and most valuable financial services companies in the private sector. It has interests in asset management and mutual funds, life, general and health insurance, commercial and home finance, wealth management services and other activities in financial services.

At one of their Regional offices in India, the client reported a regular drop in the performance. There was a steady increase in the percentage of bad loans and NPAs along with a constant build -up of unachieved sales targets.

Motivational and pep talks, staff-meetings, focussed group discussions and one on one meeting had failed to yield expected results.

After undertaking an Organization Diagnostic Exercise, Team SynergieHR devised a customized Organisational Intervention with Conflict Resolution as one of its fundamental core areas. An appropriate Training methodology keeping in mind the demographics of the participants was designed and Intervention was delivered accordingly.

The Intervention was well received and generated excellent feedback. The client reported an overall change in the climate of the office after the Intervention with increased cohesion and coordination displayed among different division and teams. The culture of working in silos was disrupted and people were reported reaching out to each other whenever their work required. The overall productivity was enhanced.

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