Case Study 3

Case Study 3

The client is a pioneer of the Public-Private –Partnership (PPP) model of development in India, and has acquired concessions through a competitive bidding process, for the development of roads, bridges, Metro Rail and the Power Transmission Line projects in some prominent Southern states of India.

Since its inception in 1995, the client has completed landmark infrastructure projects across key sectors like Roads, Bridges, Ports, Airports, Water Supply, Hydel Energy and Urban Infrastructure.

It is one of India’s largest road developers as measured by lane kilometres under concession agreements signed with the Central and State Government authorities.

Two decades of extensive experience in working with governments, multi-lateral agencies, international and domestic financial institutions and corporate entities has helped the client to develop proven competencies in Viability Assessment, Financial Closure, Project Management, Operations & Maintenance and Portfolio Management of Infrastructure Assets across various sectors.

Project Management Teams of the client consisting of top notch engineering brains recruited from high end reputed National level government engineering institutes are required to frequently liaise with Government officials to present various forms of project reports.

The client wanted to expose its Team to a customised Presentation Skills Training Program which would address some very specific issues.

Based on an exhaustive Training Need Identification analysis and series of meetings with concerned team members of the client institution, Team SynergieHR conceived and conducted a Training Program on Communication and Presentation Skills. The Program was designed on NLP techniques and employed NLP concepts of Spatial and Stage Anchoring, Emotional State Chaining, Chunking Strategies, Sensory rich Language, Satir’s categories etc. An especially powerful NLP exercise based on reframing metaphors to control stage fright was conducted for the participants of the program.

The Program generated a very positive feedback and subsequent reports confirmed that it was successful in achieving its objectives.